Core Health®

Not just another Database Managed Service—a long-term strategy for your entire data ecosystem.

Be a disrupter. Grow and scale quickly. 10 instances or 1,000 databases.

Fortified Data Core Health® is more than a bucket of remote DBA hours. Instead, we deliver real business value by focusing on data architecture and foundation first. Once data is available, reliable, and predictable, we execute monthly Core Health® services to safeguard the entire data tier.

Core Health® Services Work Towards:

Stable Performance and Predictable Response
Reduce Outages and Increase Uptime
Comprehensive Management and Consistent Maintenence

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Stable Performance and Predictable Response

Learn to rely on your database systems and their performance. With Fortified Data's Core Health® Service, we work first to stabilize your systems and standardize response times, then benchmark performance from there. We're on call 24/7 to make sure your users in every timezone can count on your data and its applications.

Reduce Outages and Increase Uptime

After stabling your environment, Fortified Data continues to optimize your data tier, reducing outages and increasing uptime. We measure the success of your managed service by an increase in availability and deliver quantifiable reports and dashboards.

Comprehensive Management and Consistent Maintenance

Core Health® Managed Service delivers round-the-clock management and maintenance of your data tier. Our solution focuses more on results and business value and less on SLA levels and hours burn.