Everything we do is driven by our strong team – a team that sets us apart from our competitors. At Fortified Data, we hire only the brightest industry talent and utilize our years of experience to support their professional growth and help recruits become world-class data platform experts. If you’re looking to join a phenomenal team with a supportive, remote work environment, then join Team Fortified Data.

Core Values

Many companies show success through years of experience and certifications, but at Fortified Data, we show success through the exponential results we provide to our clients. Our results are our driving force.

The opportunity for growth and development is plentiful at Fortified Data. We offer a variety of opportunities for professional development so that you can surpass your career goals.

As a team, we genuinely enjoy the time that we get to spend together at our annual company retreat, the challenging problems our clients engage us on, and the unique opportunities we gain to build lasting relationships.  Outside of the workweek we stay involved in our passions and build a deeper bond with our friends and family.

Fortified Data is built upon the respect that we have for every member of our team, as well as the respect that we give to all of our clients.

We are committed to our communities and passionate about contributing to the initiatives that are close to our hearts.