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MySpace – an unfortunate disaster recovery failure

Learn our thoughts surrounding the technical and business lessons of this story, but more importantly, how your company can avoid this kind of press.

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MySpace – an unfortunate disaster recovery failure.

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Considerations for hiring a Database Consultant

Congratulations. Your team is ready for a DBA. You may not be ready for a full-time resource yet, or you may be sensitive to the cost of recruiting and retaining a person with such a specialized skill set. When managing a growing business, database administration will inevitably become critical to delivering for your customers. They […]

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Considering Hiring a DBA Contractor?

Oracle and Microsoft Announce Historic Cross-Cloud Partnership

Oracle and Microsoft announced a huge cloud partnership this month, and it’s a really exciting evolution for enterprises who are in both SQL Server and Oracle environments. For now, it looks like the cross-cloud capabilities only supports the Azure US East or  Oracle’s Ashburn data center, but the potential is a big relief to those […]

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DevOps and the Spiritual Awakening

Growing up, my dad would often encourage me to focus on the small and simple things in life. It was his hope that, with this knowledge, I would accomplish great things. By playing, working, and socializing, the small things we learn create patterns of behavior. We are creatures of habit and the more we repeat […]

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The Personal DevOps Conversion

Read more about my own conversion to the DevOps model here. You hear the word “DevOps” thrown around quite a lot. It has become a buzzword which is unfortunate because the term holds significant meaning. The level of potential reduced risk coupled with developer and administrator empowerment is astounding. When a DevOps methodology has been […]

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The Business DevOps Conversion

Personal changes and mental shifts aren’t the only changes that need to happen in order to convert to an IT DevOps Model. There are serious business adjustments that need to be made as part of this process. Admittedly, this process starts out overwhelming (the change curve is real), but you will get there, I promise. […]

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Fortified Data makes Inc.’s 5000 Most Inspiring Companies 2018

We are excited to make Inc.’s 5000 most inspiring companies for 2018 with 405% growth over the last three years. To us this showcases how our model of results-driven managed services can result in real success. Fortified Data’s team approaches managed services as a partnership, pairing a strong methodology with a commitment to transparent reporting. […]

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SQL Server Service Broker—Security

There are 2 types of security in Service Broker: dialog and transport. Dialog security establishes a secure, authenticated connection between Service Broker Services or dialog endpoints.

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