About Us

A team of problem solvers, solution builders, and data industry experts.

Information drives how today’s market leaders win.

Fortified Data is a full-stack IT partner focused exclusively on data. While some companies sell you on 10,000 years of database experience, a cabinet full of awards, and a resume of skills, Fortified Data is different. We build engagements based on business value delivered. We don’t measure our success in award and accolades—though we have them—instead, we succeed when our clients succeed. Through working on large, high complexity, high risk projects with clients, we know the route to achieving business objectives lies with improved availability, increased scalability, and expanded capabilities.

A Holistic View

Complex, high transactional data systems don’t come easily. A flexible, scalable, and reliable architecture is the first step. Proper deployment, use of resources and maintenance—and a great DBA—are just the beginning. Enterprise data systems require network and infrastructure expertise. Today, that means integrating virtualization, cloud architecture, and performance tuning.

Our Experts Get You There

The Fortified Data team is a handpicked group of IT experts specializing in all aspects of the data tier. Professionals with years of experience architecting, deploying, and managing enterprise databases. We're industry thought leaders, having presented at SQLPass and IT Dev Connections since the earliest deployments of SQL Server and Oracle Database.

Our core values guide our behavior, decisions, and actions:

Results Driven




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