Database Consulting: 3 Use Cases Where Leveraging a Database Consulting Firm Brings Big Value


Being the leader of an enterprise’s IT department is a daunting task. When there is a problem, a need to scale, or even a project that falls into the gray area of IT, it is your responsibility to make the changes necessary – fast. There may be many occurrences where you find yourself thinking of how beneficial it would be if you had some outside help. And if that is the case, then it may be time to engage a company for database consulting services.

There are many cases that may lead you to engage a database consulting firm, but here are three use cases where hiring a firm for database consulting services brings big value.

1. Migrations & Upgrade Projects: Using a Database Consulting Service to Migrate Your Databases

Migrating databases is a very delicate project. Your databases house multitudes of data, and in some cases, you may be looking to upgrade and scale while migrating your data to the Cloud.

Database consultants will take on that feat leveraging their vast knowledge of databases used across industries. In a case where you need to design a SQL Server private cloud that would support upwards of 600 diverse application workloads, a database consultant will be able to design a service offering that supports mission-critical applications down to the line of business apps, enabling them to have increased resiliency and functionality, while also allowing for data growth.

2. Frequent Downtime: Database Consulting Firms Can Help Get Your Daily Business Back on Track

‘Downtime’ is like a swear word in the IT world. No one ever wants to hear it and when it does come out someone’s mouth in a negative way, you cringe when it hits your ears. You may be in a case where you are encountering downtime or extremely slow system performance.

A database consulting firm can perform a thorough investigation of your systems to understand the overall architecture. Once that understanding is in place, the firm’s DBAs will then be able to perform the necessary tasks to increase and write the transactions per second, increase the % CPU utilization, increase key business function calls per second, and increase peak business transaction class per hour.

3. Rapid Business Growth: Solve and Avoid Platform Failure Issues During Business Growth using a Database Consulting Firm

In the case that you may be going through growth in your company, you are most likely to be in the position where you are acquiring a lot more data, which is more workload, onto your platforms. The last thing that you need is a load test failing and signaling an impending disaster when you are in the middle of your peak season.

If you decide to leverage a database consulting service, you would be able to have a full-scale assessment of the load test, an examination of the database, and a debugging of your databases performed. Within this, significant upgrades and improvements would most likely occur and lead to massive cost savings and improved efficiency.

Fortified’s  Database Consulting Services

Fortified’s consulting services consists of our team of experienced DBA’s aiding you with your unique business needs. These needs may revolve around scaling your data, increasing your speed, or other cost-effective solutions for your database challenges. In any case, our database consultants are there to assist and meet the needs of any enterprise, no matter the size.

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