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SQL Server Upgrades | The Secret To Success Is Planning Ahead

SQL Server Upgrades | The Secret To Success Is Planning Ahead

Why Companies Procrastinate Over SQL Server Upgrades Ask any Database Administrator about why organizations large and small tend to procrastinate about SQL Server upgrades and you’ll hear similar replies: “upgrades are painful, upgrades are difficult,” “everything breaks.”  So instead of going through the process of upgrading, they ignore it until it creates a roadblock.  Fortified … Full story

Top 5 Reasons to Assess Your SQL Servers Quarterly

fortified top 5 reasons to assess your SQl servers quarterly

Assessment Overview A SQL Server assessment also called a SQL Server Health Check, is a review of one or all of the SQL Servers to provide the management team and the DBAs a holistic view of the SQL Server environment. The primary objective of the SQL Server Assessment is to review the current state configuration, … Full story

SQL Server Monitoring: Moving from Reactive to Proactive Database Monitoring and Management

Fortified Data Proactive vs Reactive Database Monitoring

Introduction to SQL Server Monitoring SQL Server database monitoring and management is something that not only aids businesses in keeping data secure and available, but it is a process that allows businesses to scale and move towards their enterprise goals. Database monitoring is the collection and analysis of SQL Server performance and usage of data. … Full story