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Considerations for hiring a Database Consultant

You may not be ready for a full-time resource yet, or you may be sensitive to the cost of recruiting and retaining a person with such a specialized skill set. When managing a growing business, database administration will inevitably become critical to delivering for your customers.

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Considering Hiring a DBA Contractor?

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The Constant Challenge of SQL Server Security, Part I

In this three-part series, Daniel Janik will evaluate common security challenges and how to stay ahead of threats to your data. We will start by demonstrating a brute force attack against SQL Server and discuss various techniques to protect against one.

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Webinar: Monitoring and Managing SQL Server Scheduled Tasks

SQL Server often requires the need to run tasks during low peak times as well as the automation of tasks such as for data loading, maintenance tasks, and more. The use of SQL Server Agent is key to setting up automation, but what are the best practices and techniques for setting up and managing your scheduled tasks?

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Fortified Data Adds Tim Sheehan to Oracle Database Team

Sheehan is a multi-talented technologist with 10 years experience on Oracle RAC running on Linux, UNIX, and Windows. He brings extensive experience performance tuning applications including those migrated to Oracle Exadata Machines. Sheehan also leverages his own development background to guide application developers through code changes to improve application performance.

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