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Considerations for hiring a Database Consultant

You may not be ready for a full-time resource yet, or you may be sensitive to the cost of recruiting and retaining a person with such a specialized skill set. When managing a growing business, database administration will inevitably become critical to delivering for your customers.

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Considering Hiring a DBA Contractor?

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SQL Server Service Broker—Internal Activation

The other way to automate this stored procedure is by attaching it to the queue itself so that it Service Broker directly executes the procedure in a process called activation. With activation Service Broker starts an application whenever there is work to do (e.g. when messages are in the queue).

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SQL Server Service Broker – Introduction

SQL Server Service Broker is a messaging technology that’s baked right into the SQL Server engine. It was first introduced in SQL Server 2005, and if you ask me, is one of the most under-utilized, under-appreciated features in SQL Server.

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