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With data the possibilities are endless

Leave the database maintenance and fire fighting to us, we’ll leave the trailblazing to you.

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Hiring a Database Managed Service Company?

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The Fortified Data® Methodology

We are your strategic partner with full-stack capabilities focused exclusively on data. We deliver improved availability, increased scalability, and expanded capabilities in a quantifiable way.


Increase the availability of your data while building greater stability and overall health for your data ecosystem. Fortified Data® focuses first on your data’s architecture and foundation. Once data is available, reliable, and predictable, we execute monthly Core Health® services to safeguard your entire data tier.


Once your data is available and reliable, Fortified Data® works to increase transactional volumes and reduce resource consumption. Trim licensing costs with cloud migration, redesign, and optimization. Support your teams and enable the environment for analytics and advanced projects with our Enterprise Data Services.


When data is available and scalable, focus on how your business can benefit from your data. Fortified Data® brings diverse expertise to round out your team with business analytics, data warehousing and development, and cloud migration and management.

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Managed Services

Core Health® Database Managed Service

Core Health® is a monthly database managed service that delivers data ecosystem solutions aligned with business strategy.

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Enterprise Data Services

Enterprise Data Services builds on Core Health® and delivers database services, including database development, cloud strategy, data warehousing and presentation.

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