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To become a leader in your industry, you are required to take the necessary steps to provide your clients with optimal service in a cost-efficient way. Fortified Data is the next-generation database managed service provider (MSP) that leverages data, analytics, and automation to drive your enterprise around data. We guide you along your data journey and undertake the responsibility of monitoring and managing your databases – absolving you from the responsibility and making you forget that you have them at all.

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Why Choose Fortified Data?

With our diverse background in complex, high risk database management and projects, we leverage automation, analytics, diverse experience, and machine learning to deliver optimal services to our clients in various industries worldwide. As the next-generation database managed service provider (MSP), our personalized and modern data services guide industry leaders along a data journey that provides them with the tools to unlock the power of their data.

The Fortified Data Journey

Many competitors measure success by years of experience, skills, and certifications. At Fortified Data, we measure our success by the results that we are able to provide to our clients through our database managed services and professional services.



Increase the availability of your data while building greater stability and overall health for your data ecosystem. Fortified Data® focuses first on your data’s architecture and foundation. Once data is available, reliable, and predictable, we execute monthly Core Health® services to safeguard your entire data tier.



Once your data is available and reliable, Fortified Data® works to increase transactional volumes and reduce resource consumption. Trim licensing costs with cloud migration, redesign, and optimization. Support your teams and enable the environment for analytics and advanced projects with our Enterprise Data Services.



When data is available and scalable, you can focus on how your business can benefit from your data. Fortified Data® brings diverse expertise to round out your team with business analytics, data warehousing and development, and cloud migration and management.

The Journey By the Numbers

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Professional Services

Our experienced data professionals will provide you on-demand expertise to meet your unique business requirements by partnering with you to develop holistic strategic roadmaps that guide you through your data journey. Fortified Data provides many solutions from upgrades, migrations, and consolidations to database security and compliance. Let us guide you along your unique data journey with our consulting services that are constructed by our cost-effective approach to scalability, availability and expanding capabilities.

Database Managed Services

As one of the leading next-generation database managed service providers (MSP), Fortified Data provides database management through our exclusive Core Health® Database Managed Services. We leverage the latest technologies to deliver operational success in database management and administration for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. Trust in us to keep your data predictable, reliable and available 365 days a year.


Ready to get started?

The Fortified Data team is ready to take you through your data journey whether you are seeking professional services or database managed services. 

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