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SQL Server Upgrades | The Secret To Success Is Planning Ahead

SQL Server Upgrades | The Secret To Success Is Planning Ahead

Why Companies Procrastinate Over SQL Server Upgrades Ask any Database Administrator about why organizations large and small tend to procrastinate about SQL Server upgrades and you’ll hear similar replies: “upgrades are painful, upgrades are difficult,” “everything breaks.”  So instead of going through the process of upgrading, they ignore it until it creates a roadblock.  Fortified … Full story

Team Fortified Heads to the Grand Canyon for Xtreme Hike

fortified data heads to xtreme hike

One of Fortified Data‘s core values is to give back. The team embodies this value by actively giving back to the community, and this summer, members of Fortified Data will be heading to the Grand Canyon for Xtreme Hike. Team Fortified participated in the hike that took place in Charlotte, NC in the Spring of … Full story

DevOps and the Spiritual Awakening

Growing up, my dad would often encourage me to focus on the small and simple things in life. It was his hope that, with this knowledge, I would accomplish great things. By playing, working, and socializing, the small things we learn create patterns of behavior. We are creatures of habit and the more we repeat … Full story

DevOps vs. Waterfall Model – Key Differences

Fortified Data The Personal DevOps Conversion

Read more about my own DevOps Conversion model here. You hear the word “DevOps” thrown around quite a lot. It has become a buzzword which is unfortunate because the term holds significant meaning. The level of potential reduced risk coupled with developer and administrator empowerment is astounding. When a DevOps methodology has been properly implemented, … Full story