Ben DeBow Speaking at SQL Pass Virtual Summit 2020


Fortified Data takes pride, not only in the results that we provide for our clients, but we take pride in the knowledge that we are able to share with the data community. Each member of our team has vast experience in the field and an extensive depth of knowledge and that knowledge base goes all the way up to the top and included our founder and CEO – Ben DeBow.

From November 10-13, the Pass Virtual Summit will be open for attendees to listen to keynote speakers as well as presenters in professional development surrounding various topics. This summit like no other as it is a combination of in-depth sessions hosted by industry thought leaders providing expert advice, keynote speakers who have not only risen in their own fields but have knowledge about the entire industry, and a passionate community.

Ben will be presenting on the topic – Congratulations, You are Now a DBA.

You were just anointed DBA by the head of development because you knew how to create a database and add some tables. Or maybe you were the network engineer that had installed SQL Server and added SQL logins for the developers. Now what do you do and how do you keep your companies data protected and the SQL Servers up and running? This session will provide you with a road map for succeeding as a DBA. We will cover all of the basics that the typical DBA needs to know and focus on Day 1 and Year 1. By the end of this session, you will know what is important and have your daily, weekly, and monthly checklist for administering SQL Server. Once you learn the basics and you are comfortable with the DBA role, you are in luck long term as data drives decisions and businesses.

In order to attend Ben’s session, you can register to attend the summit and not only learn from our CEO, but also learn from the various keynote speakers and presenters on the summit schedule.

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