Performance and Scalability on Workload for Next-Gen Fleet Intelligence


Silent Passenger®, powered by VTS, is a fleet management solution that provides business with data-driven insights through 360-degree connectivity. By connecting data and processes between the vehicles, drivers, back-office staff, internal systems, and decision-makers, fleets are now empowered with the insights needed to drive business decisions and accelerate revenue growth. As their enterprise grew, there was a need to find ways to optimize and seek improvement in performance and scalability on workload.

As an enterprise-ready solution, Silent Passenger has large volumes of data streaming into their database systems in real-time. As a result, they need a very high level of concurrency in their data ecosystem. Silent Passenger offers real-time reporting and analytics for each customer through an online platform and mobile app which is where their need for an increase in performance and scalability derived. Prior to working with Fortified Data, the new features and big data reporting that they were looking to implement would cause locking – or conflict – between the data coming in and the data read out, and performance was not up to par with VTS standards.

As we build out new products within the VTS Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, we focus on combining hardware and software for fleets with hundreds of mobile assets in their fleet or workforce. Operations of that size produce enormous data volumes from telematics devices, in vehicle cameras, fuel card transactions, toll transactions, and third party software data sets. This data is typically disconnected, we strive to connect and analyze that data to change how a business operates on a daily basis. Fortified Data has a staff with a diverse skillset that helps us process all of that data and visualize to our end users delivering them a real-time integrated platform

Ryan Wilkinson, CTO Vehicle Tracking Solutions

When testing new modules to offer enhanced visualization of data to their end users, the database would experience deadlocks because the application was constantly retrying logic. Data wouldn’t enter the database fast enough, which delayed the rendering of the data. Silent Passenger is renowned for its customer experience and builds its business on the delivery of real-time analytics. They partnered with Fortified Data to not only diagnose the SQL code, but also to evaluate the underlying layout of the hardware. With a system free of deadlocks, running with a high level of concurrency, Silent Passenger was then able to scale its solution and focus on continuing to provide increased value to its customers.

This next-gen fleet intelligence solution allows customers to uncover business insights that propel growth, protect their business, and inform decision making.

Collaboration on the solution – Performance and Scalability

Silent Passenger has a stellar development team. Their solution and application architects work hand in hand with their front-end development team and, together, are the best in the business. Their solution was so successful, they quickly outgrew the data infrastructure to support it.

Not all software is created equal. We have been impressed with the overall architecture and design of Silent Passenger. It was a great opportunity to work with the team in their product suite and underlying technology, and we are proud to be part of their success.

Jeremy Lowell, CTO Fortified Data

Silent Passenger has a strong roadmap for the future. Fortified Data worked with the Silent Passenger team to identify current and potential performance bottlenecks.

“We helped them to not only resolve latency and deadlock issues inside their application, but we also prepared their ecosystem for growth. That delivered the scale they were looking to align to their ambitious business goals,” says Lowell.

“We then redesigned and optimized the SQL code to make the application work more efficiently within SQL Server and implemented an indexing strategy to deliver the results they needed.”

Fortified Data believes a healthy data ecosystem begins with using the right tools for the job. We first looked at the workload and underlying hardware setup that handles the data. We then inspected the Silent Passenger hardware environment – servers, storage configuration, network, everything. We worked together on the most efficient way to structure their data and the best configuration for the OS container housing the SQL Server. We recommended processors for specific workloads and different storage strategies based on the I/O workload. Understanding how they configured each layer of the information architecture helped us deliver the performance and scalability Silent Passenger was seeking.

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