Managed Services 2.0: The Leading Next-Generation Database Managed Service Provider


As the world of technology moves forward, so does the way that we manage it. Businesses are changing the way that they operate – relying on their data to design and implement changes to their business models, so they can provide the best service to their customers. As we enter and navigate through this new era, companies are no longer looking to engage with a traditional database managed service provider (MSP). Instead, they are seeking next-generation MSPs, offering database managed services 2.0, to become their strategic partners and usher them into the new age of database management and analytics.

What Is the Difference Between a Traditional vs. a Next-Generation Database Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Many traditional MSPs provide their clients with a variety of alerting, monitoring, and maintenance services using traditional software that was designed 10-15 years ago. That service combined with a solid technical team and a long-term contract is the MSP 1.0 model. The MSP 1.0 service relies on traditional reports for analyzing your data, as well as technical people working tickets similar to how they would have 15 years ago. But these traditional forms of database managed services do not meet all clients’ needs. The need for innovative business solutions is evident, and a traditional managed service provider (MSP) will not meet those needs. In the 2.0 model, a next-generation database managed service provider (MSP) meets that need functioning as a strategic partner and providing information that will drive the next strategic decision. Next-gen database managed service providers leverage modern technologies, automation, and advanced analytics in order to gain efficiencies, and provide better monitoring and solutions to the client.

Fortified Data as a Next-Generation Managed Service Provider

Fortified Data is a leading next-generation MSP. Our database managed services don’t simply offer a standard program for clients. Instead, we provide customized options that are tailored to the unique need of each business as we develop a clear understanding of the goals and initiatives of each individual client. Our Core Health® Managed Service guarantees that the core of your business is always secure, available, optimized, and performing beyond its previous capabilities. It is our primary goal to build stable, reliable, and predictable environments so that you can focus on your business and data.

Unique Features in Our Next-Gen Database Managed Services:

  • Client dashboards that provide you with up-to-date information on the health of data systems at the enterprise level down to the server level
  • Monitoring tools that were designed from the ground up, using Fortified’s unique background knowledge around supporting and troubleshooting Mission Critical database platforms
  • Managing and maintaining systems while leveraging automation and smart scheduling that lowers costs and increases performance
  • Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) analytics that always analyzes the monitoring and runtime data to detect anomalies and trends that feed the automation and optimization processes
  • Servers monitored and managed in real-time within 48 hours as this is 2020 and you no longer need to negotiate and wait weeks for support

Fortified Data offers cutting edge, modern solutions that encapsulate everything from daily operations and tasks to the Cloud. Our 24/7 remote DBA support services allow us to aid your internal DBA team or act as the primary DBA if, and when, you need us to be. There is no doubt that you need a database managed service provider, but when it comes to engaging with one, Fortified Data offers Managed Services 2.0 that surpass the rest.

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