From insuring cars to rental homes, insurers have become an integral part of securing livelihoods for their customers and their families. Fortified Data understands the necessity of data when it comes to predicting certain occurrences such as property loss and damage, and that it is the data that provides insurers the information needed to create policies relevant to their customers to improve the customer experience as well as cutting claims, handling time and costs, and eliminating fraud.

  • Led a SQL Server consolidation project over three generations of their platform and reduced environment from 1400 SQL servers to 350 while data increased from 85 TB to 850 TB (75% consolidation ratio)
  • Designed and troubleshooted issues on largest Claims application
  • Worked with leading insurance providers to design and implement future state environments around SQL and Oracle servers
  • Implemented and designed a data compression project with data encryption across all attributes within Oracle in every single system with zero issues at a larger insurance company
  • Partnered in designing and migrating a future state Cloud architecture for a well-known insurance company
  • Engaged to manage SQL and Oracle servers for a large enterprise insurance company over a two-year span and increased server availability from 99% to 99.995%

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