Education has moved into the 21st century and classrooms are transforming beyond the typical textbooks and paper and pencil approach. Many schools are utilizing online, interactive systems to engage students in unique, dynamic ways, and in recent times, are under the demand to increase in pacing due to the impact of COVID-19. Fortified Data matches the flexibility of the school systems through diverse approaches and has engaged with market leaders to stabilize, scale, and optimize their electronic book systems, payment processing systems, IEP systems, and student information systems from New York to the Canadian provinces. As K-12 moves to a one-to-one structure and higher ed classes move to online models, we provide the support that you need to meet the current demands in education.

  • Reviewed the scalability and performance of a 150 TB system supporting an eBook platform and increased user availability to 99.995%
  • Scaled school lunch payment system to meet 7x the transactional and data volume year after year
  • Aided in benchmarking and stress testing a payment processing system within a three-week period
  • Scaled a leading IEP system that had to meet the needs and changes demanded by the No Child Left Behind initiatives created by the Bush administration

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