From the Desk of Our CEO: Crisis Brings Change


How do we define a crisis? Is it something that has to occur on a national or global scale or can it be something that happens on a singular and personal level?

Many of us will look at a crisis differently and define it based on our personal experiences. Even when the crisis is affecting millions of people, we, as individuals, feel it in different ways. No matter the size of the crisis or where it comes from, a crisis can cause changes that can be both negative and positive.

When you venture outside of your home or read the comments that you see on social media or the work channels that you utilize, what do you see? For me, I see families walking as a unit having conversations compared to only select members of the family heading out for the walk and sometimes walking disconnected from one another. People are cooking at home and having sit-down meals with each other with real conversations. More people are in the parks than ever, connecting with nature and feeling the air on their faces.

In the technology world, we say that it takes a crisis to change the client, and right now, it is taking a crisis to change our society and bring people together.

We are not only connecting with those within our household, but we are developing innovative ways to connect with others virtually to still fulfill the social need that we all need from day-to-day. This past week, our team at Fortified Data, disconnected from work and connected socially for an after-hours happy hour. We are also being there to support each other and our local communities by giving and helping the less fortunate when possible.

During a crisis, we tend to focus only on the negativity and the strain that comes with it. But instead, I implore you to dig deeper and take a look at this crisis from a different lens and see that there are potentially many positive changes occurring, but the long term question is, how will you grab onto and maintain the positive changes as an individual and start to be a catalyst for change in society?

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