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Silent Passenger®, powered by VTS, is a fleet intelligence solution that provides customers with key business insights through 360-degree connectivity between the fleet, back office staff, internal systems, and decision makers. Processes such as maintenance, fuel levels, driver safety, ELD automation, fleet routing, and others attributed to both the vehicle and driver are normally siloed, but Silent Passenger allows clients to act on now-visible insights available from otherwise disparate information.

Turning raw client data into actionable insights is at the core of what Silent Passenger provides. Their clients need real-time data and reports to make in-the-moment operational decisions as well as strategic business decisions. To this end, Silent Passenger enlisted Fortified Data’s help to ensure proper data structuring that would allow Silent Passenger to deliver a seamless user interface experience.

Not only did Fortified Data’s data scientists help ensure that the real-time data was captured, stored, calculated, and analyzed properly for Silent Passenger’s user interface, but they also collaborated with their UI/UX team to deliver powerful visual insights to clients using real-time data.

“Because Fortified Data had helped us create a cutting-edge data warehousing solution,” said Ryan Wilkinson, Silent Passenger CTO, “we were poised to create an elegant user interface that provides proven value to our clients.”

Using this proper data structure as a foundation, the Silent Passenger team next asked Fortified Data to help create visual representations for the data being captured. Using Microsoft BI, the teams collaborated to come up with a user dashboard and reporting screens to integrate into the Silent Passenger platform. This new interface provides a visual representation of what is happening with various aspects of a client’s enterprise fleet, providing them with the ability to analyze and act on data in a way they otherwise couldn’t.

With these changes to their data ecosystem and user interface, Silent Passenger offers their clients the data-driven insights they need in real-time to thrive in a modern landscape. Silent Passenger’s customer service sets them apart from competitors, and these changes help them continue to deliver a superior experience and helps them provide real value to their clients.

A data warehouse initiative is a significant undertaking. A real-time reporting UI for a product is also a significant undertaking – by partnering with Silent Passenger and bringing our methodologies and experience to bear, together we were able to successfully deliver an industry leading product.

Jeremy Lowell – CTO Fortified Data

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