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What is Enterprise Data Services?

In a fast-moving world, organizations are constantly scaling and evolving, which makes it essential for those organizations to have Enterprise Data Strategies in place.

Enterprise Data Services, offered by database managed service providers and database consulting firms, support a business in the management, integration, scalability, security, and interpretation of data across business units and geographies. Practice areas within the umbrella of Enterprise Data Services include:

While the business’s chief data officer (CDO) or chief technology officer (CTO) may own the business’ Enterprise Data Strategy and governance, engaging a third party to help the business keep pace with its changing and evolving data strategy is common.

Next-generation Enterprise Data Service providers will enable the analysis of data to provide actionable insights for businesses to meet their goals, and may also support in documenting, cataloging, and visualizing a business’ entire data journey, from the inflow of data, how it is processed, accessed and even cleansed or purged. Below are some of the key benefits of engaging a professional Enterprise Data Services provider.

Core Benefits of Enterprise Data Services

Database Scalability is Addressed Proactively

Database scalability is the ability to scale up or scale out a database and allow it to house increasing amounts of data.

As an organization grows, so does the amount of data that needs to be stored, managed, and processed within its databases. As this increase occurs, the database scalability becomes essential to prevent the organization from experiencing performance issues that impact workflow, efficiency, and customer retention.

Enterprise Data Service Providers can help organizations scale their databases in order to avoid possible performance issues.  Engaging an Enterprise Data Service Provider to assist in scaling your platforms when your data grows exponentially is ultimately essential to a company’s development, as the provider will be able to not only assist in that scalability, but also look at your enterprise as a whole and help prepare your company with long-term growth and business strategy.

Enterprise Data Management Aligns the Business with IT Goals

In order to successfully meet business goals, an enterprise actively monitors its data across the business. Data needs to be accurate and provided in a timely manner (preferably in real-time or near real-time), which also means that the data need to be stored in a standardized, secure, and governed place.

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is the practice of governing and inventorying business data while also aligning the organization with the processes. And though Enterprise Data Management is typically handled by database administrators and the IT team, the data strategy spans outside the IT department. Enterprise Data Management aligns IT with intra-organizational departments and the business itself by providing quality data and accurate analysis to make informed business decisions.

Services Offered by an Enterprise Data Service Provider

With the umbrella of Enterprise Data Services spanning wide, it can be difficult to find the right partner to support your business’ unique data needs. By knowing the services offered by an Enterprise Data Service provider, you can confidently choose not only whether you should engage with the service provider, but which solution is best for your current enterprise needs.

Enterprise Data Services providers match your organization with experienced data professionals delivering on-demand expertise in deploying and managing on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based data environments. Their expertise is then provided in the following services:

  • Cloud Strategy – Cloud migration gives organizations accelerated productivity, agility, and scalability in their systems
  • Database Development – Designing for performance and scalability to help you better manage your data ecosystem
  • Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting – Solve complex data problems and optimize your mission-critical processes to continue meeting  customer needs
  • Data Movement – Convert, integrate, and distribute data across multiple applications efficiently and at-scale with no disruption to your service
  • Data Analytics and Presentation – Help your business interpret data with data-driven answers to deeper questions with real-time reporting and visualizations
  • DevOps – Development of continuous integration and environment automation critical to developing efficiencies in today’s data ecosystems

At Fortified Data, our Enterprise Data Services provide support for your teams and enable the data environment for analytics and advanced projects. Whether you have your own in-house data strategists, or whether you are looking to outsource, our Database Managed Services and Enterprise Data Services will provide you the data strategy support that your business needs.

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