Virtual Education During COVID-19


COVID-19 aka Coronovirus has put the United States in a national emergency. In this national emergency, school districts (K-12) are closing for an undetermined amount of time and universities are sending students back home to finish out the semester. Institutions are developing plans to have students finish out the school year online, and teachers are being trained on programs to teach their lessons remotely.

But what happens if the school applications crashes because the systems cannot meet the increase number of students?

At Fortified Data, we have the experience to help educational institutions maintain availability, increase scalability, and discover more capabilities for their teaching systems.

Availability of Information & Textbooks

In the past, Fortified Data engaged with a client to assess the scalability of their Student Information System. Their system is a leading platform in the industry and, at the time, they won a customer that was seven times larger than their largest implementation which was the NYC school system. Fortified Data stepped in to review the architecture and make recommendations on how to scale their database seven times the transactional and data volume.

The same company engaged with Fortified Data again to review the scalability and performance of their eBooks platform which provided electronic and physical books to students across the county. Their system supports around 4M users and it is over 100TB in size.

Lunches & Payment Systems

Another client of ours, who owns the payment processing market for the school lunches, engaged us to perform a scalability test within three weeks along with produce a detailed report for their largest client – the school system of NYC. Within a short period of time, we designed a testing strategy to load test 2,100 simulated school systems and produce the report they needed. The biggest challenge that we faced was that we did not know the software and it was a short amount of time, but Fortified Data does not shy away from the high-risk, mission-critical projects. We take them head-on and produce results. After that review, Fortified worked with implementing and scaling this system for many other large school districts across the country.

What Can Fortified Data Do for You?

Fortified Data supports the educational system, and during this time, is available to help support and scale databases of all kinds including but not limited to Student Information Systems, Electronic Books (eBooks), and Special Education Systems.

From conversations with teachers and other staff/faculty working on implementing virtual teaching, one of their worries is what to do if the system crashes and they are not able to meet the needs of their students. During this worrisome time, we want to instill confidence in using a virtual educational platform while also making sure that students, faculty, and staff are all safe, healthy, and moving forward.

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