A Core Health® Journey: Starting with Availability


At Fortified Data, we focus on providing clients an enterprise experience for their database platforms. One of our focuses is to take our clients on a journey of transformation with the first step of the journey being increased database AVAILABILITY.

It is imperative that databases and the servers they run on are highly available so that the companies’ mission-critical applications can process those revenue-generating or life-saving transactions. For example, if a tax platform is not available for a tax preparer or an individual submitting their taxes, then their customer deems that platform as unreliable and will go elsewhere.

Database availability is an essential part of the journey toward server health and is the first priority at Fortified Data for our Core Health® clients.

Core Health® is our core service that focuses on ensuring the server and the databases are healthy. At Fortified Data, we work to transform the databases of our clients through this journey, and time and time again have provided clients not only increased stability but have increased the database systems availability on average 25%.

Our Focus on Availability

During this stage of the journey, Fortified Data works to improve the platform’s stability, predictability, and reliability of every database. By having a stable, predictable and reliable environment, we are able to provide our clients with a reduced number of outages and a predictable system where performance and response times are known. Now that the systems are highly available, the business can now focus on the data analytics, features and bringing additional value to their customers.

When working with our clients to improve availability, we also make sure that we are increasing system up-times, if not working to eliminate any downtime.

What We’ve Done

Fortified Data has worked with a number of clients to aid in making their servers and databases highly available. We offer unique technologies that provide clients with an elevated service that surpasses what others can do.

Team Fortified Data is made up of a collection of diverse members each with a high level of unique technical background that allows us to connect with clients worldwide and with organizations in a variety of fields including healthcare, education, sports, retail, and more. Due to our unique experience and our willingness to take on high-risk projects, we see things in the data space that others can’t.

In the current space where healthcare and patient safety is the top priority, those working in healthcare have to depend on their databases staying available and fully optimized so that no person is put at risk.

Fortified Data has worked with a number of healthcare clients – including a client that is the world’s largest provider of dialysis products and services. With this client, their systems were not able to scale to meet the projected daily workload. After evaluating the system and defining the technology objectives, the team was able to work with the client on a long term solution to scale their system.

We were able to assist this client in helping them determine why the database was not able to scale and then worked with them to not only improve the system performance but make the system highly available with a focus on predictable and reliable user experience.

In another instance, we had worked with a payment processing company that had just completed and implemented a database refactoring project. When they finalized the process and deployed the changes to the system, the system crashed. After a few days of being down to all clients, the company made the call to Fortified Data and within the hour, their database was available again and they were processing a limited volume of transactions.

With tax season right around the corner, it was imperative to solve the immediate issues with performance and availability so they could process the millions of tax payments for their customers. In addition to solving the immediate needs of clients like this one, we then worked with the client over the next several years to optimize the system for each tax season since data growth, feature changes and workloads changes all impact the database system. In the end, their systems are predictable, stable and reliable which is critical for processing millions of the taxpayers’ tax forms.

Our Goal to Provide Availability

Database availability is a top priority in many, if not all, mission-critical systems. Up-time along with the predictability of a database is critical to the success of an organization.

Fortified Data is committed to working with clients to make sure that they are able to reach beyond what the original goals were and to create a healthy core so that the clients we work with can go on to better serve their customers.

With all of the expertise that Fortified Data maintains within the team, we are able to offer services to take you through the entire journey towards Core Health® – with that journey starting with availability.

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