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Deploying Your Solutions on AWS

Automate EC2 Configurations

Fortified Data creates integrated solutions on AWS by coupling decades of Microsoft experience with broad AWS expertise. Our team can execute workload testing, deployment, and automation of EC2 Windows configurations and Microsoft server workloads. We continually lead efficient DevOps and migration projects with thousands of servers for organizations looking to remove the complexities of managing and scaling.

Microsoft Workloads on AWS

AWS offers a secure, easily managed and scalable way to run Microsoft applications like SharePoint, SQL Server, and Exchange. Amazon RDS provides a fully managed database service for SQL Server with high performance, scalability. Fortified Data has deep competencies to help assess and roadmap migration to the AWS cloud, leveraging Amazon RDS and helping clients move to a truly serverless environment. Partner with Fortified Data to compute, store, manage and publish to the cloud without ever touching a back end application.

Enterprise Data Services on the AWS platform

  • 1. Architect the perfect cloud environment in AWS
  • 2. Automate AWS operations and deployments
  • 3. Audit and comply with cloud security best practices
  • 4. Customize AWS for your applications and environments

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Innovation and Opportunities in the AWS cloud

How will you push the boundaries of what’s possible? We’re constantly experimenting with new AWS services and technologies. We can implement containers, deliver AI/Machine Learning proof of concepts, and build serverless environments in production.

Architect a secure CI/CD pipeline in AWS
Set up container-ready AWS environments using Docker, Amazon EKS, ECS, Fargate
Automate your existing AWS environment with serverless (AWS Lambda)
Automate machine learning-based security monitoring with Amazon Maci