Transforming fleet data into real-time insights

Fleet Insights with Fortified Data and Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Silent Passenger®, powered by VTS, is a fleet intelligence solution that provides customers with key business insights through 360-degree connectivity between the fleet, back office staff, internal systems, and decision makers. Processes such as maintenance, fuel levels, driver safety, ELD automation, fleet routing, and others attributed to both the vehicle and driver are normally siloed, … Full story

Performance and Scalability on Workload for Next-Gen Fleet Intelligence

Fortified Data Performance and Scalability on Workload for Next-Gen Fleet Intelligence

Silent Passenger®, powered by VTS, is a fleet management solution that provides business with data-driven insights through 360-degree connectivity. By connecting data and processes between the vehicles, drivers, back-office staff, internal systems, and decision-makers, fleets are now empowered with the insights needed to drive business decisions and accelerate revenue growth. As their enterprise grew, there … Full story

DevOps vs. Waterfall Model – Key Differences

Fortified Data The Personal DevOps Conversion

Read more about my own DevOps Conversion model here. You hear the word “DevOps” thrown around quite a lot. It has become a buzzword which is unfortunate because the term holds significant meaning. The level of potential reduced risk coupled with developer and administrator empowerment is astounding. When a DevOps methodology has been properly implemented, … Full story

Availability groups – beyond setup

availability groups beyond setup

Post by Chris Shaw Introduction Introducing Availability Groups into your SQL Server environment isn’t an overly complex technical task. With the wizard that is included in SQL Server Management Studio, you can count on the deployment of the availability groups being successful. However, there are some pitfalls that may be encountered. Inexperience could leave an … Full story