Meet the Team

Fortified Data’s leadership team is comprised of some of the most experienced and driven individuals in the technology industry. Team Fortified Data consists of hand-picked professionals with years of experience in architecting, developing, deploying and managing enterprise databases. As industry thought leaders, they pave the way into providing modern, advanced technological services and work together as one team to help customers reach the end of their journey.

Ben DeBow

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ben DeBow is an active member of the technology community. With his strong belief in creating relationships and supporting others, he has actively worked on providing results to clients to provide them with the end result that the client may have not even had known they needed. Over the years, Ben has presented at multiple industry thought leadership events and aspires to educate others on data to expand the technological community and provide knowledge to those seeking to discover hidden talents within the field.

As founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fortified Data, Ben DeBow guides the team of Fortified Data under the core values of giving back, maintaining curiosity, driving towards results, being respectful, and having fun. Ben founded Fortified Data in January 2002 with a vision to provide clients with innovative ways to discover the value of their data and scale their data systems to meet their business goals and objectives.

Ben is an experienced consultant who has advised clients of all sizes around the world on scaling and designing their mission-critical applications. With his unique technical expertise, he has been helping clients meet their business and technical goals while reducing risk; based on this experience, his vision is to incorporate these unique services that Fortified Data offers to clients around the world.

Jason Ripkey

Manager of Back Office

In his role as the Manager of Back Office, Jason Ripkey focuses on executing the vision to make Fortified Data the next-generation data provider. It is his goal to achieve the utmost satisfaction for each of our clients and provide them with an outstanding client experience. He is an active problem solver, and when provided with an intricate task, he breaks it apart into pieces so that he can better understand each piece to effectively come up with a solution. Jason empowers the team to make concise decisions that not only affect the business and clients but also affect their careers. It is important to him that Fortified Data’s diverse team enjoys the work that they are doing and that they are willing to come to him with any concerns so that he can assist them in working through it.

As a child, Jason was always around technology and discovered, through his joy in learning about computers, that it would be a field to enter. Additionally, in being an avid triathlete and multiple Ironman finisher, he truly cares about health and well-being and has often taken part in initiatives to support diabetes and cancer – both of which have affected his family. Jason’s honesty, trustworthiness, and respectful demeanor have positioned him to be a true role model for the Fortified Data team.

Keith Buck

Manager of Managed Services

Keith Buck is Fortified Data’s first employee and helped our CEO begin building upon the enriched foundation of the company. As a leader and senior consultant, he partners closely with clients in order to build relationships, understand their needs and help them achieve better ROI with their database systems. Keith focuses on increasing the performance, reliability, stability, and predictability of those systems so that Fortified Data is not only solving the client’s problems but aiding them in ways to help them surpass their business goals. With experience in customer service, he provides exceptional service to our clients. He does not accept failure as an option; therefore, he will pursue an answer until the problem is solved.

Born and raised in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada, Keith strives to keep Fortified Data as a strong influence in the data world and creates customized automation to allow for a better and quicker experience for clients that require quick performance gains on struggling systems. His vast technical experience has helped the team to engage with clients from a variety of industries, and his leadership style has provided the team with a way to actively engage with each other even as a remote team.

Lynn Emig

Client Engagement Manager

Intending to see Fortified Data become a world-class database organization, Lynn Emig leads the team with a mindset that there is importance in understanding the big picture and communicating it. As a positive force within the team, her driven and approachable demeanor has provided the team with a sound base so that Fortified Data can work to offer clients, from all industries, exceptional technical expertise, tools, and management consulting. In working with the team and clients on high-risk projects, Lynn consistently finds a way to achieve a win-win for all parties involved. For her, there is always an ability to work with others towards their goal while still maintaining positive attitudes to help accomplish results. 

Throughout her career, Lynn has maintained the mindset that in all things, we must find joy. She keeps to that motto within Fortified Data and also uses it to support the causes that she cares about including child development, civic duty, and animal welfare. Lynn aims to create relationships with the clients and has consistently worked with clients who have disengaged but then returned to engage with Fortified Data on more projects and managed services. As a top communicator on the team, she listens to understand, works to establish an action plan, and pays attention to the technical solutions while managing to the client’s desired outcome.

Colleen Morrow

Manager of Professional Services

With a profound strength in taking on complex technical concepts and relaying them to non-technical individuals, Colleen Morrow leads our team of DBAs with a strong intention to see Fortified Data build out profound business intelligence practices. She is a true team player responsible for creating data reports and visualizations that help other members of the leadership team manage and plan out strategic projects to better serve Fortified Data’s clients. Colleen does not allow complex, high-risk problems to impede her from reaching an ideal result. Instead, she pushes forward and uses the problem to teach the other members of the team.

Starting from paper and pencil, Colleen problem-solves through visualization and research which has helped her to achieve the bottomless knowledge base that she retains. As a highly relatable leader, she is not afraid to show the other members of the team how a task can be improved, especially with her originally intended course of study being in education. With a passion for helping others in the community and having fun while doing it, she maintains a sense of friendliness and relationship building with both the team and clients.