Webinar: Monitoring and Managing
SQL Server Scheduled Tasks

Free Live Webinar:  Monitoring and Managing SQL Server Scheduled Tasks

Thursday, December 10, 2015 – 3:00:00 PM EST

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sql server scheduled tasksSQL Server often requires the need to run SQL Server scheduled tasks during low peak times as well as the automation of tasks such as for data loading, maintenance tasks, and more. The use of SQL Server Agent is key to setting up automation for SQL Server scheduled tasks, but what are the best practices and techniques for setting up and managing your scheduled tasks?

In this webcast, we will look at how to take advantage of SQL Agent features such as:

  • Scripting jobs to deploy jobs to your servers
  • Categorizing SQL Agent jobs
  • Using Database Mail, notifications and alerts
  • Querying system tables to generate your own reports
  • System stored procedures to work with SQL Server Agent
  • Master / Target servers
  • and more

Click here to join us for this webcast to learn how to make SQL Server Agent work for you.


Ben DeBow is an experienced consultant who works with customers of all sizes on their mission critical applications and SQL Server deployments. His versatility allows him to assist with everything from virtualization and consolidation to schema design, performance tuning, disk architectures, and everything in between. He has tuned and deployed some of the largest and most complex SQL Server solutions in the world. An active member of the SQL Server community, Ben is also the CEO of Fortified Data.