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SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB or PostgreSQLScalability Assessment
How well does your SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL system support your daily and seasonal workload today? Can it support the workload when you factor in the 20% annual data growth and 10% user growth? Wait, your business just landed a new client and now the systems need to support 10X today’s transactional load. But the most important question is, “What does your system support today and what is the maximum number of transactions per second?” The scalability assessment takes the guesswork out of the capacity planning and provides your organization with the roadmap to get your system ready to support whatever the targeted growth numbers are.

Architectural Assessment
Architectural assessments are typically because a company is upgrading, migrating, implementing, or building something new which the existing infrastructure must support. In these projects, we provide the technical guidance to ensure the resulting architecture can meet not only the business objectives like user growth but also the technical objectives like reliability, availability and performance. We’ll help you identify architectural objectives, priorities and risks to upgrade, consolidate, virtualize, and migrate your SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL environment.

icon-assess-healthHealth Assessment
Fortified Data’s Health Assessment tells you what you know and what you do not know about your SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL implementation. Only then do you have the information you need to make strategic decisions on which changes to the infrastructure, hypervisor, operating system, configuration or the code need to be made and in what order. Our health assessments prioritize, assign risk and create a roadmap for your organization to move forward. This is where our team’s experience come into play since the majority of these systemic changes are complex and dependent on the changes.

Availability Assessments
Unplanned downtime, whether it is from natural disasters to accidental, malicious data deletion or a server failing over cost organizations money. Which of these are you prepared for and how fast can you recover? Can your system meet the business’s recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) ? Are there any single points of failure in your systems design? Fortified Data’s Availability Assessments evaluates the SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL architecture to validate the availability goals can be met with the people, process and technology that is supporting your Mission Critical data platforms today.

Without the proper monitoring and support processes in place, your Mission Critical picture is not complete.  Our holistic Assessment Services ensure people, process and technology are all in the right place for your system to be available, reliable and optimized.

icon-arch-refReference Architectures
Fortified Data Reference Architectures eliminate complex hardware and software balancing and take the guesswork out of system configuration.  This service includes a thorough, holistic assessment of your current and future states with regards to performance, scalability and ongoing management.  Based on that information, we deliver your next generation architecture and SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB or PostgreSQL roadmap.

Solution Design
Our Solution Design services take into account all elements of the SQL Server or Oracle ecosystem, from the data down.  Going beyond the database, we examine infrastructure, virtualization options, relationships with other technologies and ongoing management and growth planning.  The end result ensures the elements in your entire data ecosystem are working together in harmony to achieve business, performance and maintenance goals.

Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept (POC) initiatives are key to delivering key insight into full-scale project feasibility and success.  Challenges to any data-driven POC typically reside in data acquisition, malformed data structures, mismanaged ETL frameworks, reconsolidation processes (or lack thereof), and non-optimized procedural coding and can also hinder the progress of a POC initiative. We’ll work with you to quickly identify bottlenecks, apply sustainable workarounds, and/or prioritize remaining issues to deliver a successful SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB or PostgreSQL Proof of Concept.

SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB and PostgreSQLBusiness Continuity Planning
Knowing how to restore database files is not disaster recovery. Scheduling regular backups— while a “must do”— is insufficient for proper disaster-recovery planning in SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB or PostgreSQL environments. Leverage our enterprise experience to develop disaster-recovery procedures and plans that properly protect a range of data–powered business processes—databases that range from “never go dark” to “restore when you can.”

Migrations and Upgrades
With change comes risk. Our enterprise SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB and PostgreSQL migration experts have completed some of the biggest data platform migrations in the world.  We’ll help you mitigate change risk throughout the data tier, reducing time to deployment and eliminating costs commonly associated with migration remediation and rework.

SQL Server Consolidation
Consolidating SQL Servers to reap the reduced licensing, hardware and administrative costs, but there are various “gotchas” to consider before making such a move.  We’ll analyze the SQL Servers in your enterprise and evaluate strategies like virtualization and grouping databases onto a smaller number of servers without compromising application performance.

SQL Server Virtualization
Virtualizing SQL Server provides many benefits over a purely physical implementation. Consolidating multiple servers as VMs will increase your hardware platforms’ ROI because you’re better utilizing the physical resources, reduce management overhead because you’re reducing the number of physical servers that you need to manage and reduce your IT infrastructure’s power, cooling, and space requirements.  Fortified Data specializes in SQL Server virtualization.  We’ll help you achieve the performance and scalability requirements necessary for supporting your mission-critical database applications.

icons-services1Public or Hybrid Cloud SQL Server Deployment
Deploying a tuned version of SQL Server specifically for data warehousing in Windows Azure provides the fastest way to stand up a data warehouse.  You can bypass procuring and building the hardware as well as precisely configuring the software.  That said, cloud architecture and performance involve as many complexities as benefits.  Fortified Data works closely with Microsoft on the source technologies for cloud deployment.  We can help ensure you get the benefits of the cloud as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Scaling your Mission Critical Application
Downtime is money. We bring the experience and full stack knowledge to ensure your business critical systems are ready and available when you are experiencing peak load. We evaluate the two kinds of scalability: scaleup and scaleout. Scaleout means expanding to multiple servers rather than a single, bigger server.  The redundancy offered by a scaleout solution is also useful from an availability perspective. Scaleup means scaling to a bigger, more powerful server—going from a four-processor server to a 64-processor or 128-processor server, for example. Scaleup has the advantage of not requiring significant changes to the database. We’ll help you understand which option is best for your business, and deploy a plan that optimizes cost and minimizes risk.

icons-services2Performance Tuning
Performance tuning is a core strength for the team at Fortified Data- and when tuning mission-critical enterprise applications, experience is the best teacher.  There are many things to consider if you want to correctly tune a SQL Server instance.  We evaluate aspects like I/O bottlenecks, problem queries, memory limits, index usage, log files and more to ensure your deployment performs at the highest levels possible.

Tuning Monitoring and Support Platforms
There are a variety of tools and techniques that can be used to monitor SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.  We’ll help you deploy and configure them proper identification and isolation of processes that are causing problems, and ensure your platform is gathering data continuously over time to track performance trends.

Troubleshooting Critical Issues
DBAs often have a need to identify why a problem has occurred, or is occurring in their SQL Server database.   Fortified Data can be your Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) to uncover the root cause of the problem.  No, we do not put yellow caution tape around our servers, our network cables, and our desktop machines- but we do gather forensic data from logs, tests and more to figure out how issues happened, why, and how to avoid them in the future.

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