Thumb-Build-your-own-SQL-Server-Private-CloudIT Dev Connections:  Build Your Own SQL Server Private Cloud

Do you know what SaaS and DaaS are? If not, you should. SQL Server as a Service (SaaS) and Database as a Service (DaaS) are otherwise known as the private cloud—the ability to offer your customers (external or internal) a reliable, scalable, and manageable way to easily deploy SQL Server systems and databases. >>> Click to view this presentation.

SQL Server Virtualization: Scaling Up and OutIT Dev Connections: Scaling Your Virtualized SQL Servers Up and Out

Scaling up a single SQL Server instance can be tough. Scaling up hundreds or thousands of instances is tougher. Now virtualize them all. Whew! But does everything have to be harder when virtualized? Could it be easier than when it's physical? Explore how virtualization technologies improve SQL Server's native capabilities to better scale up for a single intense workload and scale out for many such workloads in the same environment. >>> Click here to view this presentation.

SQL Server Management, Surviving SQL Server Database Peak LoadIT Dev Connections: Surviving Your Peak Database Load

Fortified Data's Ben DeBow walks you through his approach for minimizing peak load impact.  Understand system architecture to capture configuration and performance data to determine the limiting factors, then use Ben's iterative approach to reduce risk and gauge impact. >>> Click here to view this presentation.

SQL Server ManagementSQLPass 2014: Congratulations, You're Now A DBA

You were just anointed DBA by the head of development because you knew how to create a database and add some tables. Or maybe you were the network engineer that had installed SQL Server and added SQL logins. Now what do you do, and how to you keep your company’s data protected and the SQL Servers up and running? This deck covers all of the basics that the typical DBA needs to know and focus on day one and year one. By the end of this session, you will know what is important and should be on your daily task list and what you can ignore. >>> Click here to view this presentation.