Managed Services

Get Long-Term Peace of Mind,
ROI with Core Health

Fortified Data’s Managed Enterprise Data Services are designed to support requirements for growth, performance and cost control.
We ensure your mission critical data tier is supported 24/7 while maximizing availability, scalability and performance. Core Health Managed Services are delivered in a phased model, with each phase adding value to the business and increasing project ROI.

Managed Services with A Consulting Mindset

Other Managed Services providers focus on getting customers to a steady state- and keeping them there. Consulting is in our DNA, so we take a different approach- for us, it’s about more than just stability. It’s about a roadmap for steady improvement and readiness- built on consistent optimization and maximizing ROI.

Stabilize the System, Build the Roadmap
We start with an Assessment to establish current state baselines and identify any immediate issues.  We strive to understand the business application and not just the code, but every layer of technology that supports the application.

Optimize Systems and Processes
Once stability and direction are confirmed, we position the system achieve both current and future business goals. We take the steps necessary to ensure the data tier is prepared to scale and grow with the business. We focus on performance tuning, license cost reduction, scalability, disaster recovery and high availability, preparing the system to generate maximum ROI.

Maximize Scalability, ROI
In this phase, we mix technical best practices with business process to achieve significant returns on time and money spent at the data tier. We focus on generating better reporting to support broader business requirements, and engage in activities designed to further the strategic goals for the data.

Everyday Stability, Availability and Performance

The Core Health Framework is a combination of proprietary code and processes we apply to stabilize the system and prepare it for optimal Scalability, Availability and Performance. The Core Health Framework brings servers in line for best practice configuration, and leverages real-time, threshold-based proactive monitoring, helping us to collect actionable data to optimize the environment. Core Health Managed Services for SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB or PostgreSQL include the following.

managed-services-routinemaintenanceRoutine Maintenance
We’ll schedule regular proactive checks of production databases, monitoring, reviewing and proactively managing alert logs.  We’ll work with your team to verify backup procedures are executing as intended.  Database free space for scalability is optimized with a close eye on performance metrics.  Our top-notch support platform for tickets and resolution will be put in place.

We leverage the monitoring data to bring the system configurations in line with the workload, SLAs, RTOs and RPOs, addressing blocking, deadlocks, server outages, severe errors, failing jobs and database maintenance procedures.  We confirm data stabilization with clean and protected backups.

Proactive, Preventative Support
Our team will work proactively to prepare the environment for maximum performance and ROI. We’ll continue profiling the application, focusing on process improvement and query optimization.  We’ll optimize the indexing strategy if needed and ensure infrastructure requirements are meeting the demands for the data.  We’ll handle refreshes and restores, service packs, manual checks of production databases and any additional requested backups of production databases.  We’ll review the HA/DR plans and ensure your platform is meeting or exceeding the requirements of the business.

Advanced Expertise, Available On Demand

Fortified Data’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Services provide organizations with on-demand expertise for their SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB or PostgreSQL environments.  Fortified Data’s team of expert DBAs provide advisory and operational support for:

  Application Development:  Data Modeling, Schema Review, Code Creation/Review/Promotion

  Performance Tuning:  Bottleneck Analysis, Code Optimization, Capacity Planning

  QA and Testing:  Functional and system testing, Data Masking, Data Refresh

  Business Intelligence:  SSIS and SSRS Support, Designing and coding ETL packages, Report Development

  Security:  Define and deploy auditing, review audit results, advise on security best practices within SQL Server

  Active Batch:  Define, configure, deploy and manage Active Batch servers and jobs

Fortified Data’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Services include the Core Health Framework for everyday monitoring and health.

EDM customers receive a roadmap and service delivery team to support organizational priorities in each of these areas.