Managed Services for Enterprise Data

Fortified Data manages complex, large-volume data environments

We put years of consulting experience to use in the data tier to help keep our clients available and scalable.

Customers work with Fortified Data to manage ecosystems large and small. We enable growing companies to scale quickly and manage environments with thousands of instances. Because of our experience and success with high-risk projects, today we specialize in maintaining complex, mission critical environments.

Our services guarantee the health of the entire data ecosystem. With Fortified Data as a strategic IT partner, clients can empower their teams with more capabilities, take on higher-impact work, and focus on the ROI that drives their business.

Measuring Your Success

We measure our results against three key metrics – availability, scalability and capabilities – matching what many organizations measure themselves against. We encourage clients to think of new ways to achieve stable, healthy environments


Improved platform stability and reliability

Reduced number of outages

Predicable system performance and response times

Increased system uptime


Increased transactional volumes

Performance optimizations

Cloud design, migration, optimization

Increased concurrency

Faster processing times

Scale up and scale out

Reduce resource consumption or licensing costs

Enable the environment for analytics through redesign and optimization


Cloud Architecture and Implementation

Data Movement – ETL, batch processes

Data Presentation – PowerBI, Tablaeu

Big data and stream analytics


Focus on Server and Database Health

Fortified Data’s Core Health service works to improve your data ecosystem, supporting greater stability of all servers in the database environment. We start by leveraging our full-stack knowledge to create a data tier assessment, which informs a larger roadmap to greater availability, scalability and capabilities.

We designed the Core Health service to focus on your data’s foundation. Once we achieve stability, Fortified Data works with your business and technology teams on a strategic roadmap. We identify your business and technology goals, then deliver monthly Core Health services designed to safeguard the lasting stability and availability of your entire data tier by leveraging the folloiwng services:

Data Protection

Data Integrity

Capacity Planning

Database Patching

Database Critical Events

Other Database Maintenance

Fortified Data partners with each client to a highly available, scalable state. Instead of building a task-based Managed Service, we work alongside our clients, becoming agents of change over the course of our engagement lifecycle.

Real-time threshold-based monitoring

A focus on the stability and health of your data systems

Capacity planning for improved scalability

In-depth reports and access to a system-wide analytics dashboard


On-demand, Advanced Capabilities

Access our team of experienced data professionals for on-demand expertise in SQL Server, Oracle, MonoDB, PostgreSQL, and Cloud Data Services. Manage and deploy on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.

Enterprise Data Services (EDS) builds on the features and benefits of our Core Health service with added support for database development, business intelligence, and other data-related services.

  Database development, tuning, data modeling and design

  Full-stack knowledge and support across all industries

  In-depth data analytics and visualization

  A close strategic partnership to implement lasting changes