SQL Server

SQL Server Service Broker – Security

Dialog Security vs Transport Security There are 2 types of security in Service Broker: dialog and transport. Dialog security establishes a secure, authenticated connection between Service […]

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Designing The World’s Largest
Private Clouds For SQL Server

Fortified Data founder and CEO, Ben DeBow, shares some best practices and lessons learned from designing and deploying some of the world’s largest private clouds for SQL Server.

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Monitoring and Managing SQL Server Scheduled Tasks

Webinar: Monitoring and Managing
SQL Server Scheduled Tasks

SQL Server often requires the need to run tasks during low peak times as well as the automation of tasks such as for data loading, maintenance tasks, and more. The use of SQL Server Agent is key to setting up automation, but what are the best practices and techniques for setting up and managing your scheduled tasks?

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Amy Herold Joins Fortified Data

Herold is a SQL Server, Powershell and automation expert. She’s spoken at several industry events across the country, on topics ranging from SQL Server Best Practices to serving as a panelist for Women In Technology sessions. Her most recent presentations include: Deadlock, Block & Two Smoking Barrels: Breaking Down Blocking and Deadlocks, Beginning Automation with Powershell and Making the Leap from Developer to DBA.

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