Designing The World’s Largest
Private Clouds For SQL Server

Fortified Data founder and CEO, Ben DeBow, shares some best practices and lessons learned from designing and deploying some of the world’s largest private clouds for SQL Server.

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SQL Server Insight:
Highlights from PASS 2015

From SQL Server performance to expressions and spinlocks, Nicole Harrington shares her highlights from PASS Summit 2015.

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Monitoring and Managing SQL Server Scheduled Tasks

Webinar: Monitoring and Managing
SQL Server Scheduled Tasks

SQL Server often requires the need to run tasks during low peak times as well as the automation of tasks such as for data loading, maintenance tasks, and more. The use of SQL Server Agent is key to setting up automation, but what are the best practices and techniques for setting up and managing your scheduled tasks?

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Tim Sheehan, Oracle Database management

Fortified Data Adds Tim Sheehan
to Oracle Database Team

Sheehan is a multi-talented technologist with 10 years experience on Oracle RAC running on Linux, UNIX, and Windows. He brings extensive experience performance tuning applications including those migrated to Oracle Exadata Machines. Sheehan also leverages his own development background to guide application developers through code changes to improve application performance.

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