About Us

Data is the Currency of the 21st Century

Information drives how today’s market leaders win - Data is the basis for all information. Fortified Data is a leading full stack partner for "All Things Data"
Fortified Data is born from many years of experience with some of the largest transactional systems in the world. We have worked extensively in the finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and public service arenas with organizations large and small. Data, process, and technical expertise at the application, network, and infrastructure levels are essential for getting the most out of your mission critical data platform. Our team of experts wield the tools and expertise to necessary ensure a healthy data ecosystem.

It takes a holistic view.

High-performance data delivery systems don't come easy. They start with architecture that's flexible, scalable and reliable, followed by proper deployment, resource usage and maintenance. A great DBA is just the beginning- enterprise data systems require network and infrastructure expertise. Today, that means virtualization, cloud architecture and performance tuning.

Our experts can get you there.

The team at Fortified Data has been handpicked to deliver value across all aspects of the data tier. We are professionals with years of experience architecting, deploying and managing enterprise SQL Server deployments. We're industry thought leaders, having presented at SQLPass and IT Dev Connections since the earliest deployments of SQL Server and Oracle Database.

These core values guide our behavior, decisions, and actions.

Respect: We are in a people business. We respect ourselves and those around us. We act with integrity and treat others with the dignity we want for ourselves.

Positivity: Working in a growth company can be a roller coaster of challenges, fear and success. Getting drawn into negativity takes value away from you and everyone around you. Strive to be positive; contempt is contagious.

Curiosity: Go beyond what happened; make the effort to understand how it happened and why. Take a different path from conventional wisdom. Curiosity begets insight and innovation, ultimately driving value for teammates and customers.

Customer Focus: We are results-oriented and value focused. We are executers that say what we do and do what we say. We are enthusiastic and finish projects with the same energy as when we started.

Caring Locally: We invest in our communities and grow relationships. Whether its supporting local businesses, charities or even sharing expertise locally at events like SQL Saturday, we strive for a positive impact on those closest to us.

Designing The World's Largest
Private Clouds for Data

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